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The Ayurvedic treatment starts with an examination by the Ayurvedic Doctor.

He will examine and interview you, clarifying your dosha balance (i.e. Vata, Pita and Kapha) and the amount of ama (toxins) in your body. Pancha Karma (body cleaning or detox) is often the first stage of the treatment. Pancha Karma takes between 3 to 7 days.

After the Pancha Karma the body is ready to rebuild. The main medicine is good healthy food that is corresponding to your doshas and your individual body constitution. Other parts of the treatment are daily massages, baths, different oil treatments, meditation and Yoga. Your individually menu will be set up together by you, the doctor and the kitchen.

We recommend a 14 days stay for good effect, even though 21 days is optimal for a long lasting effect. But of course even just a few days of massages and herbal baths can make wonders and can also serve as an inspiration for further and more profound regimes.

If you would like to continue your state of excelled wellbeing back home, you are welcome to visit the kitchen and learn how to cook some of the ayurvedic dishes that you have been eating during your stay.

The price of the Ayurveda full board includes everything (except Transportations, Coffee, Sodas or Alcohol).

It is also possible to stay at Dalmanuta without participating in the Ayurveda program. Guests who stay on BB can easily try some of the Ayurvedic treatments according to the price list.

Guests staying on Ayurveda full board can have non ayurvedic food from the Á la Carte menu, it is not included in the price though and should only be ordered after consultation with the doctor.